1942 Plymouth — Joy Neal Kidney

Here’s a post link to my blogging friend Joy Neal Kidney. She has the most interesting stories about Rural Iowa during WWII. And it turns out our grandfathers had the same make car.

Circa 1945 My Granpa’s 1941 Plymouth

While Donald Wilson was home in November 1941, AWOL, his family traded off their “old smoking Buick” for a brand-new gray, 1942 Plymouth four-door, 95-horsepower, Special Deluxe sedan with concealed running boards. 287 more words

1942 Plymouth — Joy Neal Kidney

4 thoughts on “1942 Plymouth — Joy Neal Kidney

  1. Oh, this is fun! Thank you. It just dawned on me that I got to ride in that car a lot! In fact, my mother got her first driver’s license with it–in 1945 when I was already a year old! We stayed with my grandparents right after I was born, then again after dad was sent to command a B-29, on long flights to get his crew up to speed, as they had combat orders for Saipan for September 21. 1945. Yes, the war ended before they had to go over.


    • I rode in Grandpa’s car a lot since I lived with them for a whole year in upstate New York in 1947-48. The whole story is in my book. The trip upstate was a major journey in those days, now it’s about two hours from Queens, NY.


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