Never Ending Edit


Writing can be fun. You have a story to tell, and you pour it out on paper or into a computer. It’s a great story. But to be a truly great story, it must be edited, so you correct spelling and punctuation errors, add detail, move things around, delete irrelevant material. Then you ask an expert to edit. New errors emerge. About ten thousand commas have to be added. (Hyperbole is permitted to emphasize a point. It’s a writer thing.) Then you find a few more errors. Fix them. Review again. In the end you don’t stop editing because it’s perfect, you stop because you’re tired and it’s never going to be perfect.

It is very much the same thing with the Christian life.  By the grace of God, through faith in Jesus, your sins are forgiven, and you begin a new life as part of God’s great drama of salvation. Now that you are saved, the process of sanctification begins; the process of becoming more and more like Jesus. The Holy Spirit starts to “edit” your life. Corrections are needed in the way you think, in the way you react to things, in your priorities, in your relationships. Some things need to be added; worship, study, prayer, and love. Some things need to be eliminated; anger, lust, greed, and hate.

Just when you think you’ve got it, a new flaw emerges. It’ll never be perfect you think. And you’re right. In this life none of us will achieve perfection. But don’t despair, because on Judgement Day, we’ll get a robe of perfection directly from Jesus. It covers everything since He is perfect.

So, when you read my book, you will find errors. If you get to know me, you will see manifold imperfections. But on Judgement Day, not one comma will be out of place. SDG

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