Goodbye Facebook

It started out simply enough, I just wanted a place where I could keep up with out of town family members and some old friends. Then I discovered more friends from long ago, reconnected with my distant home town, found a few people with whom I had  common interests, and connected with new co-workers.

After I wrote my book, I started an “Author” page where I could publish tidbits about the book and my writing, and market the book “for free.”

I have never liked the idea that my data was being shared with who knows who by Facebook, and I was not comforted by Mark Zuckerberg’s recent testimony before congress about Facebook’s present and future strategies for using my data. They’re going to track my emotions? How? Do I really need to put tape over the camera on my laptop?

Then there’s the nastiness of the place. Trying to have a serious, thoughtful conversation about ANYTHING opens you up to ignorant, foul-mouthed comments from complete strangers. Except for cats. You can post cat videos without being criticized. But I don’t have a cat.

I read a comment recently that said, “If the service is ‘free’, you are not the customer, you are the product.” I guess if I’m going to sell myself, I’d like to decide what parts to sell and to whom they will be sold. (Hint: please buy my book.)

So I deleted my Facebook account today. Goodbye friends. Goodbye family photos. Goodbye home town nostalgia. Goodbye pop-up ads for stuff I already bought. It was nice, but …

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Facebook

  1. I was wondering why I couldn’t find you. I don’t give up. It’s good to know all is seemingly well with you. God bless you and Marlene and all your family.


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