Crocus 4Spring is here and it’s my favorite time of year.  Every year about now, when I walk out to get the paper in the morning, I look under the living room window to see if they’re sprouting yet.  Well, it just happened.  The Crocuses are up. Every year the Crocuses announce Spring with delicate persistence, pushing aside soil and stone to display their beauty.  You know, I tried to dig them out ten years ago, to make way for the shrubs.  A Crocus comes from a tiny bulb and I thought I’d gotten them all.  Now I’m glad I didn’t.

Because not only are they beautiful, but they remind me of the power of persistence. Small as they are, they push the new stem upward against all kinds of obstacles to do what they were meant to do – bloom. Compared to the stones on the surface, and the big shrub above, it seems they’re no match and doomed to fail. Instead, they just persist until they reach the surface.

How persistent am I? Am I willing to ignore the obstacles, and the apparent disparity between me and all that opposes me? Am I determined to keep on doing what I know is right; keep on pushing aside barriers and doubts? How about you? Are you facing some big thing; some barrier between you and the life God is calling you to lead? Don’t give up until you have emerged in your full splendor, enriching the world with your beauty and the light of truth that shines within you.

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